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Your electric bill is one of the biggest expenses at your home. And with electricity rates on the rise, your bill is sure to go up in the future unless you take charge of your own energy. Going solar is the best way for homeowners to control their own energy. Today solar at home has become more affordable than ever. Depending on where you live, solar can significantly outperform the stock market and other investments.


You Have Questions and We Have Answers

But getting started on solar can be confusing. You’re sure to have questions, like the ones below, which we get frequently. Fortunately, we also have answers. Just click on any question to display the answer!

    There are so many solar installers to choose from. How can I figure out which ones are reliable and do high quality work?

    First, you should decide if you want to go with a big national company or a local solar installer. The advantage of a local company like Solar One Technology is that we’re your neighbors and our reputation depends on your satisfaction. Second, you should look at what other services a solar installer offers. Companies that only install solar without offering any other home improvement services may be more interested in selling you solar panels than in helping you save money on energy.

    Solar One Technology was founded to put the customer’s energy savings first by offering solar power along with energy-efficiency services like new windows or HVAC systems. And we offer roofing because if your roof is due for replacement, you can save money by doing it at the same time you get solar. And bundling solar and a roof with the same company can get you a big discount.

    I’ve heard that “free” solar really isn’t free. What’s the difference between solar with zero down and solar that you own yourself?

    Just like there’s no free lunch, there really isn’t any such thing as “free solar.” But there is solar with no money down financing. You can get that through either an equipment lease or a power purchase agreement (PPA). With either one, you’ll cut your electric bill, in some cases to almost zero. Then, you’ll make a monthly payment to your solar installer that will be less than your former electric bill. Solar with zero money down will save you money every month without requiring you to make a payment up front.

    If you are able to make a payment up front, or if you qualify for a low-interest loan, then you can buy solar panels outright. The advantage of ownership is that you’ll get more of the financial benefits of solar over the whole period you own the panels. We offer solar loans with a rate as low as 2.99% and we guarantee that your loan payment will be lower than your electric bill. And once your loan is paid off, usually between 10-20 years, then your solar electricity will essentially be free.

    How can I take advantage of all the incentives from federal, state and local governments?

    Both of the states where we do business, California and Colorado, offer a variety of incentives to homeowners who get solar panels installed. In addition, if you buy the panels, you will qualify for the 30% solar tax credit from the federal government for the next few years until the tax credit decreases and then expires entirely.

    In addition, certain cities and other localities may offer additional incentives in the form of grants, tax credits or low-interest loans. Most homeowners find it confusing to navigate solar incentives on their own! Fortunately, a knowledgeable solar installer can help you find out which incentives you qualify for based on your location and the financing you select for your solar system.

    What happens if I need help or something needs fixing after my solar panels are installed?

    Most solar panels have a warranty for 25 years but they may still produce power at 80% or more for 30 years or longer. Other components of a solar system may have shorter warranty periods. A good solar installer will explain all warranties to you before you buy and will recommend equipment that offers the best value in terms of balancing cost and performance.

    The solar industry today is dynamic and constantly changing. Solar installers come and go. A homeowner will have more peace of mind by selecting a solar installer with a track record of high quality work. That’s the best predictor of whether an installer will be in business in the future and how well they’ll be able to service your solar panels after they’re installed. Online reviews are a good judge of a company’s quality and service.

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