Throughout the state of Colorado, Solar One Technology installs solar power systems on homes and commercial buildings. In a state with so many sunny days, solar helps Coloradans take control of their energy.

With electricity rates approaching Rocky Mountain highs, it’s no wonder that more Coloradans are looking for ways to save money on power.

Another big reason that Coloradans are going solar is to save the earth while helping clean the air. Did you know that Colorado gets the largest part of its electricity by burning dirty coal? As the chart below shows, more than half of the state’s power comes from coal-fired generation.

Burning coal to make electricity is bad news for the climate and bad news for air quality all along the Front Range. For example, Denver ranks #8 and Fort Collins ranks #10 nationwide for air pollution from ozone, and coal-fired power plants are a big cause.

Because people across Colorado are demanding solutions to clean the air and cut climate emissions, cities including Boulder and Fort Collins have committed to getting more of their power from clean sources like solar.

Whether you live in one of these cities, in the Northeastern Plains or on the Western Slope, you can join the clean energy revolution by going solar. And Solar One Technology makes it easier than ever for anyone in Colorado to go solar now.

And while you’re helping the environment, you can rest assured that solar is also an excellent investment. The average annual return on solar in Colorado is 9.5% according to Solar Power Rocks, handily beating the 7% you’d earn each year on average over 25 years of the S&P 500.

What Makes Us Different

1. We offer more financing options, including zero-down solar.

We are one of the few solar installers in Colorado to offer zero-down financing through a lease. Through our partnership with SunPower, we offer equipment leases for both homes and businesses with monthly payments guaranteed to be lower than what you’re now paying for electricity from your utility.

For those who would like to own their own solar system in order to get the most financial benefit over the long term, we also offer attractive rates on loan financing. Either way, lease or buy, we have financing to make it easy for you to start saving with solar right away.

2. We’re your local neighbors.

Yes, we got started in California, but now we’re in Colorado and we’re here to stay. Our office right outside Fort Collins in Loveland employs a dozen installers and office staff, most of whom are natives or long-time Coloradans.

That means we’re not one of the big national solar companies doing cookie-cutter solar installations from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine, who might not be so easy to find once they’ve put panels up on your roof.

Our story is that we’re easy to find before, during, and after putting solar panels up on your place. We use the highest quality USA-made equipment that will give you reliable service for decades to come. And we’ll be there for you should you ever need us, offering the kind of service that you’d expect from a neighbor.

3. We’re as passionate about the environment as you are.

We didn’t get into solar power to make a quick buck. We got into solar because we want to help homeowners and businesses make a difference on climate change and clean air. We also want to help citizens take control of their energy so that they can become more resilient whatever the future may bring their way.

    Ready to start saving tons of money every year?