Our Services in California

Throughout the state of California, we offer several services to help homes and businesses take control of their spending on energy and also on water, a major cost in the state. Click on each service to find out more:

Why More Californians Are Going Solar

There are good reasons why California is, by far, the number one state in America for solar power.

  • Plenty of clear sunny days
  • Good state incentives for solar
  • High prices for electricity

As an investment, solar does nearly twice as good as the stock market. The average annual return on solar in California is 13.4% according to Solar Power Rocks, handily beating the 7% annualized yield over 25 years in the S&P 500.

Saving money is the biggest reason why people go solar in California. And no wonder. Rates from your electric utility may be unpredictable, but the one thing you can bet on is that they’ll go one direction in the future — up.

Just see what’s happened in the past. As the image shows, over the last 35 years, electric rates for California homes have increased more than 400%. Rates for businesses in California have seen comparable increases.

We’ve installed solar systems on homes and businesses from Los Angeles to San Diego, from Bakersfield to Riverside to San Bernardino and many places in between. Check out shots in our gallery below from some of our favorite solar projects in California to see the variety of work that we’ve done. For more shots, also see our residential solar and commercial solar pages.

Why We’re Different

We know that, because it’s one of the best places in America for solar, there are dozens of solar installers serving California. Why should you go with Solar One Technology?

1. We don’t just sell solar panels — We help you save money on energy.

Some companies that sell solar panels alone just want to put the most solar panels on your roof that they can.

But if we can make your home or commercial building more energy efficient with new windows or HVAC upgrades, then we might find a way to get you the same energy savings with a smaller solar system. And that will save you money on going solar.

2. We’re local, we’re your neighbors, and we’re committed to you for the long term.

We’re not a big corporation that installs the same cookie-cutter solar system on home rooftops around the country. Instead, we’re your neighbors in  California, with our offices conveniently located around.

That means we’re committed to making you delighted with the money you’ll save from solar. To do that, we offer the highest quality USA-made equipment from SunPower and other top manufacturers. And both before and after your installation, we offer the kind of service that you can expect from a neighbor.

3. We offer all the financing options available in California to make it easy for you to start saving money with solar now.

  • Solar at no money down through power purchase agreements (PPAs) and leases — helps you start saving money right away with no need for any upfront investment.
  • Solar ownership through attractive loan financing — including the HERO program available only in California — gives you the maximum financial return from solar over the long term. Owning your own solar system is especially attractive for those who need to offset tax liability.

Ready to start saving tons of money every year?