Solar Roof and Cool Roof

Solar One Technology installs new roofs throughout our service area in California.

We know that homeowners in our area have many choices for roofing as a stand-alone service. What makes us different is that Solar One Tech. generally installs a new roof in conjunction with a solar energy system. This means that we may be your best choice to make your solar and your roof work well together while saving you money on both.

The average home or commercial roof needs to be replaced every 20-30 years. And in certain areas of California, any new roof may be required to conform to state Title 24 Cool Roof standards.

So even if your roof is a few years away from its expiration date, it may save you money overall to replace your roof at the same time as you’re installing your solar system.

And if you get both a roof and solar panels from Solar One Technology, you can save money in a few different ways:

  1. We can give you a bundled price for roofing + solar that represents a discount from purchasing both separately.
  2. We will make sure that your new roof is ideally constructed for your solar panels, avoiding the cost of work in the future to fix a roof that’s not ready for solar.
  3. Knowing the requirements of your new solar system, we may even be able to replace just a portion of your existing roof while leaving the rest in place, saving you money on a full roof replacement.

Ready to start saving tons of money every year?