Artificial Turf

Luxurious Lawn that’s Always Green (While Saving You Green)

It’s true that Americans love our lawns. There’s nothing like a lush, green lawn to make a house into a home.

But in California it’s getting harder and harder to keep your lawn looking fresh. The drought map says it all. Most Californians live in areas officially classified for drought conditions as either Exceptional Drought (dark red) or Elevated Drought (light red).

If you live in one of those red areas, you know that you have to water your lawn more and more — but only when water restrictions allow you to water your lawn in the first place. And drought is why it’s gotten so expensive to keep watering the lawn. With an end to the drought nowhere in sight, water bills from L.A. to San Diego to the Valley are just going to keep going up.

Meanwhile, even if you can afford it, keeping your lawn green and mowed is becoming more and more of a hassle. Who wants to spend every Saturday afternoon mowing a subpar lawn? And a struggling lawn is not the image you want to see when you pull into your driveway every day after work or when family and friends come to visit.

Modern Turf is Softer, Thicker and More Durable

This is not your dad’s astroturf. And it’s not the stuff you step onto at a mini-golf course or see in a football stadium.

Today’s artificial turf for homes is softer and thicker, making it look and feel like healthy grass. Made of non-toxic material that’s water permeable, artificial turf is friendly to the environment too.

With our 15-year warranty, your new durable lawn is guaranteed to beautify your home for years to come. And when you’re ready to move, your real estate agent will thank you for raising your home’s curb appeal, which can help raise a home’s selling price.

Before / After 

Fortunately, there’s an answer to have a lawn that’s not only beautiful and easy care but also won’t cause your water bill to spike.

The answer is artificial turf from Solar One Technology. With durable and lifelike artificial turf that’s made in the USA, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners in California take their lawns from brown to beautiful.

Ready to start saving tons of money every year?